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About Me

My breath story started in May of 2021. I was at an ayahuasca retreat center named soul quest in Orlando, Florida. Ayahuasca is a life-changing and deeply-healing plant medicine that originated from tribes in the Amazon. During my first ceremony, the spirit of the plant named Mother Ayahuasca told me that I was meant to be a breathwork teacher in this lifetime. I had never had a breathwork session in my life. The day after my ceremony, I had my first breathwork session at the retreat. It was incredible. I felt my grandparents, connected with angels that I had prayed to, received so many visions and downloads of how my future breathwork practice was going to work, released pain for me and my family, and so much more. All of this was within an hour and a half.


I was amazed and in shock. I thought, "This is what breathwork is?" I could absolutely do this for others. After the retreat, I attended weekly breathwork Zoom sessions through the retreat center. I asked the teacher how I could get involved with this type of training and she pointed me to Transformational Breath ®. It happened so easily and quickly. I booked my first training seminar in September of 2021. It was there that I had received incredible healing for myself and solidified my path. I completed the second training in November of 2021 and the last one in February of 2022. 


This is the work that I am meant to do. Mother Ayahuasca asked me, "Didn’t say you wanted to help heal your family and your friends? Don’t you think this could also help heal yourself?" This is what lights up my soul - seeing the healing of others. This is what makes my purpose fulfilled.

Education and Certifications

University of California Irvine, 2010 to 2012

During my graduate years, I wanted to learn more about reducing recidivism, which is asking the question, how can we help those who have been imprisoned gain life skills and employment to become positive members in society? I earned a master's degree in Criminology, Law & Society.

Mount St. Mary's University, 2006 to 2010

During my undergraduate years, I wanted to learn more about human relationships and those who were underprivileged. I received two bachelor of arts degrees: Sociology, along with Documentary Film & Social Justice.

Transformational Breath ®, 2021 to 2022

I completed 3, week-long training seminars to become a Certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator. This included over 145 hours of in-person and hands-on training with the creator of this self-healing modality. Judith Kravitz.


My Philosophy

My intention with your session is to hold the most loving, safe, and open space for you. No matter what our specific circumstances are - we all want to feel better. That truth is what brought me to plant medicine and then to breathwork. And that is what brought you to this page. The transformations that I’ve seen have been miraculous and will happen for you. Through your transformation, I want you to simply feel better - to live a life with more ease and to feel alive again.​

If everything you have tried thus far has not given you the breakthrough that you need, could it be possible that you are ready for something different? It's time for you to step into the slight unknown but to do something that we all were born knowing how to do - just breathe. I offer private and group sessions at an intimate sound bath studio, Pure Sound Bath, in Redondo Beach, California. I also offer facilitation at retreats and other group gatherings, according to your needs.

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